Add URL matching by hash

Feature name

  • Hash based URL matching

Feature function

  • In addition to matching the URL via established methods, hash URL and run the match again.
  • This will allow autocomplete to be added for URLs which are considered sensitive. Once you are on the site, autocomplete works as normal, but it’s not possible to use a compromised account as a bookmark list.

Related topics + references

  • I could not find anything similar, some other ways to think about the problem is “secret url” matching.

On the personal note. My spouse has access to my bit warden via my phone, I don’t mind her having it, but would rather her not being able to use it as a bookmark list.
I also like having a quiet list of URLs which make apps on my private network available anywhere, things like my home assistant instance. I prefer to have access provided via unpublished URLs (matched via wildcard), which are available through a reverse proxy (nginx), rather then allowing direct access via a random port. Ideally I would not have the URLs easily visible if, god forbid, my account is ever compromised.