Add unshare option (1 click move organization vault item to individual vault)

Beware though, that you cannot reproduce the password history easily. So it may not be that simple to create a new item as copy of the old one, without Bitwarden offering that feature out of the box.


@kspearrin I’m not sure if it’s a new feature, or something I just didn’t see before, but I really like how when creating a new item, the user can specify Ownership.

Being able to do the same thing when editing an item (as opposed to creating it) would be wonderful.

At the least, having an option to allow this would be great.

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@bitward85 Thank you for your answer. Although it’s not really the workflow I prefer.

So I suggest to implement an attribute with every vault item called “sharedBy”. Then it should be possible to “unshare” any shared password. Also it would be more clear who shared which item.

Anyway a great piece of software - so thank you!

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I agree completely, however until another option is implemented this is the only way to do it.

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I agree that this may be a naming issue. It seems that Bitwarden chose not to implement true sharing, but rather use the organizations construct.

I’m evaluating BW for my wife and I. I don’t think that most personal users care about the “organization” or family.

Perhaps a true sharing of 1 to 1 or 1 to many should be implemented in the personal premium plan? Then it could work more akin to what users are expecting of “sharing”. So for my wife and I, I can simply share the passwords that I want to with her, and she can do the same. If I need to share it with 2 people, I could do that too. And at any time, I should be able to revoke access to 1 or both users.

I feel like personal and corporate environments have different needs, but BW has put them both in the same box which is causing issues.

This along with confusing pricing are the only things that are keeping me from using BW full time right now.


any updates on this? Untick an shared item from “Collection” should return to its own vault, not place it into “Unassigned”.


Also experiencing this issue and the above was useful - transfer is more appropriate than share. However, admins/owners or whoever with sufficient privilege should be able to transfer back out of an organisation to their personal account. IE it shouldn’t be a one way system.


The inability of even the organization owner to transfer an entry is a major usability issue. You can manually create a new personal entry, copy over the info, then delete the org’s entry so there’s no reason not to implement a way to do it in a single step. Even those without sufficient privileges can still manually copy an org’s entry and should be able to do so in a single step.

Also, there is no multi-select in the organization vault, making it impossible to assign collections in bulk.

Also folders vs. collections is very confusing.


I agree as well. I think this is a needed feature.

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This, combined with the fact that you can’t duplicate an item, is a real pain in the *ss sometimes.


I just installed Bitwarden yesterday and i am completely baffled, that this is not already possible. It seems absolutely basic when talking about sharing.


Whenever I choose software, and certainly when I want to pay for it, I look and see if it’s actively developed on. Reading this thread and the preciously, referenced, thread It doesn’t look like it.

The request seems easy enough to develop and I think it should be there in the first place.



Sometimes I only share a logon temporary.

After the unsure I like to have it back in my own fault and not remain in the organisation.


Example real world issue: when a new employee arrives you may want to be able to transfert nominative credentials that were created for him ahead of his arrival.

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Two things are related to this feature request:

  1. “Share” is confusing. It’s not sharing, it should be renamed to “transfer ownership”.
  2. The requested “Unshare” feature is simple to implement - just implement general transfer of ownership.


I’m a new user of Bitwarden, following the common path - I imported passwords. Then I search for how can I transfer ownership from personal vault to organization. There is no option in the existing items’ detail for transferring an ownership. There’s an option for newly created items only. Not for existing ones. Why?

I had to use google to find out that transfering an ownership is called “sharing”. And that this sharing is not available from the password detail, just from the password list. It’s confusing for new users and not practical for everyone who is in the password detail, not in the list.

Second, if I “share” something (which in fact means that I transfer the ownership), the item is no longer mine. But the new owner should be able to change the ownership to someone else regardless who the original owner was.

It makes sense that someone who hand over something to a new owner cannot control the ownership anymore. But it’s obvious that the new owner should have the ability to transfer the ownership to anyone he wants - original owner or anyone else.

I hope this is implemented soon. At the moment, without the ability to duplicate / clone existing item, users need to manually recreate all accidentally “shared” items.


I agree with this. As a new user myself, I’m a bit shocked about this implementation. I’m an “Owner” of our Organization, yet there is no way for me to transfer an Item to a single user.

My issue is, when I imported the records from LastPass, I accidentally marked all items as “Share” with Organization. However, this accidentally shared some of my personal passwords. Now, despite being the original owner of these items; and despite being an “Owner” of the Organization… my only option is to completely DELETE the items? That seems silly.

I should either be able to:

  • “Unshare” the item, so it goes back to the original user
  • Choose what user I want to have as the new owner (instead of the Organization)

LastPass has this feature…

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for me personally it is OK with how the implementation is currently. If this gets implemented it would still improve usability.

My thoughts on those three questions raised:

  1. We would have to keep track of who originally created items, even after ownership transfer.
  2. What if the organization owners/admins don’t want users to be able to “claim” the item back?
  3. Who gets rights to “unshare” an item?

Once an item belongs to the organization only organization owners can “unshare” an item. Unsharing in my opinion should be just like in private vault the “who is the owner” field which an organization owner can set to any member of the organization. The item then appears only in the private vault of the chosen owner.

This would not cause too much overhead I think.


+1 this is very basic functionality that is strangely still missing?


I absolutely agree. At least the duplicate function would be available to recreate the same item in the preferred organization/location.