Add unshare option (1 click move organization vault item to individual vault)

Yes it is strange solution for sharing. I don’t need to change shared passwords that often so it is not big problem for me but it is definitely cumbersome and confusing (If you have to search for help on forums just to stop sharing password that is not good UIX).

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Oof, I just ran into this issue myself. The way Bitwarden chose to implement this might work for organizations, but… we’re just sharing between my spouse and me.

When we started out with BW, I placed several logins that we shared (such as our bank, shared cell phone, etc) in the “family vault”. But in my haste I added a number “personal” logins, and also since then it has became necessary to each have our own cell phone for example. Now I’m finding out that there is no way to assign those logins back to an individual account.

I actually read this entire thread and there is a lot of discussion that it is not actually “sharing” or “un-sharing” but “transferring ownership”, then for heaven’s sake, what is holding you guys up to just add “transferring ownership” back to one of the individuals?

Honestly it can’t be THAT hard to implement. We are not an organization, we are a family. We need this ability to “share/un-share” or “transfer/transfer back”, however you choose to call this.

Thanks for listening :smile:


That’s a shame. As I said I read this thread, but I didn’t see any real compelling arguments why it should be so hard to understand what we want/need… not as a company, but as a family.

I used the example of our cell phone account login. Now hubby has two logins he has to choose from: mine (shared) and his own. Forum accounts that we both participate in and that I accidentally shared, same thing: now he has two.

I can think of hundreds of better ways of implementing this for families, and sadly, the competition seems to grasp this. So why can’t Bitwarden? :frowning:

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I don’t think it’s an understanding issue, rather than them trying to “stall” for time. It’s been well over 2 years since this was requested and it wasn’t changed most likely because it seems that their main customer is the companies not us, the “regular” users.

Their priority in that case will of course be to satisfy the bigger investors rather than the smaller ones. Since what we’re asking is not something that would affect the big investors, as in companies “unsharing” is not that important, this will be put at the end of the list along with the other things that the big boys are not interested in. Perhaps it is even deliberately moved to the end of the backlog in attempt to make someone invest in changing it.

Until they will run out of things to implement that the big investors are asking for, or until one of them specifically invests for this functionality, I don’t think we’ll see this anytime soon.

The way I see the Bitwarden’s vault logic to work with “sharing” is quite similar to 1password. Although I find flaws with 1password, they are not as many as with Bitwarden. So if they really had this option as a priority, there is no way they could say they don’t know what we’re expecting from it or that they don’t understand it, as it’s been already well defined in other products.

However, in terms of the way they work, I am not happy with either, because both present security risks to me as the OWNER of the credentials, unlike an enterprise where the owner is the “organization”. For both, you lose “ownership” of your credential. This is a no-no for anyone thinking it through.

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I am moving the whole family from a competing password manager over to Bitwarden and discovering the lack of this feature (whatever we want to call it) is a major disappointment.

I really want to encourage open-source and the Family Plan has been paid for 12 months. I sincerely hope this will be implemented by then.

Keep up the good work !

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Thanks @flashpaz !

One option is to have collections for each user that aren’t shared with everyone else. This way, if you want to ‘unshare’ something, you can assign it to a collection that only you have access to.

Note I know this is not the root-requirement for this thread, and we are paying attention :wink:


The problem with this approach is that family owners can see the contents of all collections, even those that aren’t explicitly shared with them.

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Yep, doesn’t solve for all cases, but hopefully it helps someone :sunglasses:

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I agree with that and I don’t think this helps the two-people-share-one-collection issue. In our case I am the one with the paid account, my husband has the free account. I finally managed to convince him to use Biwarden though so that’s a win right there :slightly_smiling_face:

As I mentioned before I created this “family vault” with one shared collection, but once I put items in there, they remain shared forever. It’s a very convoluted solution to (what I consider) a simple matter.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Bitwarden. I fled Lastpass when LogMeIn purchased them and probably signed up for Bitwarden in their first week of existence. I have no complaints at all, except this recent difficulty of sharing passwords with the one I love… which I consider to be unnecessarily difficult.

I’m happy to hear that you guys are paying attention though :smile_cat:


I must have missed it when I set up the Organization/Collection because I found out randomly in Reddit that deleting from Org/Collection also deletes it permanently from my vault(as I dig deeper in Reddit, it turns out it was already transferred out from my vault to the collection when I “share”). Then why call it “share”? It’s more like transferring to a new vault. It’s misleading and confusing. If I hadn’t stumble upon the post on Reddit, I wouldn’t have realized the password I deleted from the Collection was gone and that it won’t be in my person vault because it was transferred out when “share”. You need to provide documents/instructions to user how Org works truly. This can be a real shock to many.


In case it is useful to anyone else, here are links to a few other related posts and feature requests I found when I was trying to figure out how Bitwarden sharing works:

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I agree with many points made above about how there could be major and minor changes to improve the situation (change the terminology from “share” to “transfer ownership” for example). However there are a few simple changes that Bitwarden could make that I think would both add functionality and make the whole sharing/ownership feature easier to use and understand. I.e. I think this would add value without changing any existing work flows or terminology:

  1. Make the OWNERSHIP field always visible in the standard item view window. This would make it easier to see/understand who owns an item. Currently this field only exists in the “ADD ITEM” window.
  2. Make the OWNERSHIP field editable (if you have ownership/edit permissions to the item). This would allow you to move an item between organizations or from an organization to your personal vault (achieving the holy grail goal of unsharing an item without cloning/recreating it)
  3. Much like requests 1 and 2, make the list view (multi-item) gear “Share” option always visible

For items 1 and 2 this OWNERSHIP field is already present, you just have to unhide it, how hard could that be?
For item 3 there may be unforeseen complexities when you select a mix of shared and unshared items, so this could be more difficult. However it certainly wouldn’t be impossible to have a warning popup stating something like “some items are already shared, any existing sharing permissions will be overwritten”.

@tgreer thoughts? Any chance Bitwarden would ever implement these “easy” changes?


@tgreer Bitwarden needs to have a big warning when you go to export your vault! A warning that only personal vault items are exported, not shared items. This warning could then link to a help page that explains that if you want to export shared items then you must perform an export from the organization that owns the shared items.

The current export help page should also have this note/warning in the “Export a Personal Vault” section.

Yes, once you understand how sharing and organizations work this is obvious. Unfortunately (for reasons stated above) it’s not intuitive how sharing works. Until I read this thread I was blissfully ignorant of the the fact that my personal vault exports excluded any item I’ve shared!


@jimj fair point - I’ve updated the help docs and requested a warning be added to our export functions.

Regarding the sharing changes, I don’t have any updates on direction currently, but we are absolutely looking to make things easier.


I shared a folder of passwords with my brother. Then realised I didn’t want 1 of the passwords to be shared. I deleted it from the Organisation. It was also deleted from my own list of passwords too? So I recovered it from the bin. Then it was still shared but put down as “no collection”. I didn’t want it to be shared at all. It seems a bit complicated to be forced to delete the item and add it again. Luckily I only did it for 1.

After reading other comments, here’s my notes;
If a password remembered the “Author” then it might help manage unsharing.
I don’t want the organization to have a ‘copy’ of my password or any way to keep my password if I unshare it. If it was a very important password and I made a mistake then it should be easier than this to fix my mistake.


I would like to state my desired functionality. I realize some people will want the exact same thing, while others will not want this. Perhaps Bitwarden can be flexible enough to accommodate multiple models and types of users.

All I want is to be able to share and unshare items between the primary account and an organization (or just another Bitwarden account). That’s literally it. I don’t need anything else.

I don’t need to track who had access to the item and when. I don’t need to track changes to the item (anyone with access to the item can edit it however they like). I don’t need alerts or flags. I don’t need bells and whistles. I don’t need anything fancy. I just would like the simple ability to truly share an item and unshare it. KISS (Keep it Simple…).

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Most of what you want is possible, did you see this post?

That is not ‘un-sharing’, that is changing access permissions and you are still not the owner. I think Bitwarden understands what is required here but I’m just not sure this will be implemented soon based on their roadmap. Unless this is something they’ll squeeze in at some point.

I think this is a good workaround, until there is a better option - at least this works for me/my family setup

If I’m the administrator or owner of an organisation, I should have all the power.
So just give administrators the power to move the ownership of credentials to single members of the organisation. Probably to myself, which is possible as I am also a member of the organisation.

With great power comes great responsibility and it should not be the business of my service provider (Bitwarden) to hinder me in managing the data to my liking. No matter if my decision is stupid or not. Is there anything that speaks against it?