Add Unix-Line-Discard to the password input field when logging in

I sometimes type my bitwarden password incorrectly. I would like a quick way to clear the input field so I can start retyping it.

Please can the input field respond to the standard readline unix-line-discard (C-u)?

The current options are not great for my workflow:

  • I don’t like to highlight the text and delete it because on some linux desktops that will put the password into a clipboard.
  • I also don’t like making my password visible and navigating to the error; this seems like an unnecessary security risk in public places.

I believe Ctrl+U is a common keybind for clearing to the beginning of the line is a common keybind and probably muscle-memory for a lot of the Bitwarden community.

I actually came here to submit a bug report and saw this topic. My problem was experience using the iOS mobile app but I use Linux as well and thought it relevant to this topic.

Since I always make the same type-o, I find it frustrating that the log-in password input field clears on the first incorrect Master Password attempt. Should yours be very long, it’s a pain to retype the whole thing. I find it much simpler to un-hide the characters and then fix the one wrong letter/number/symbol.

Please change this, thank you.