Add Touch ID button to Tab functions - Desktop

I use the BitWarden desktop client on MacOS Sur and would like to be able to login with Touch ID without having to use my mouse.

Currently, to login with the Touch ID method, I have to use my mouse to click the button before proceeding to touch. It would be good if I was able to use the tab button or similar to be able to focus the context on the Touch ID button and hit enter (or similar).

Using tab on the application allows you to switch context between the master password input, the unlock button, the show/hide password button, and the log out button, but not the Touch ID button.

Thanks for the report! I’ll check in and see if this is just an oversight or if there was a reason the tab index didn’t get updated :+1:

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@LewisRichardson looks like just a small oversight - we’ve captured it as a to-do. Thank you!