Add toggle for whether item should be included on "Tab" panel

It would be very useful to me - and I suspect to others as well - if each Bitwarden entry had a flag or checkbox that indicated whether that particular entry should (or should not) be presented as an autofill option for a given website (meaning it should, or should not, be shown on the “Tab” panel when visiting a particular site).

My use case may be a bit different, but… as a sysadmin, I have a lot of passwords stored for several specific sites. Even though I need to have those passwords at my disposal, I never want them for autofill. Having a dozen (or more) of those passwords presented to me as options when I’m on a site makes it slower to pick the one I use 99% of the time. If I need one of them, I could search for it.

Another use case: I have “Identity” entries for my wife and daughter, which allows me to have their info securely (but quickly) available. I’d love to do the same thing for other people in my circle. However I’m pretty much never auto-filling a form in any info but my own; so constantly presenting all of the “Identity” cards to me on the “Tab” panel is a hindrance and a waste of space.

The never option can be used.
It can be a hassle to change several of those to Never in URL matching settings.

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To add on to @anon13423310’s suggestion, you can create an ‘empty’ no-autofill item and clone it whenever adding sensitive credentials, so it will retain the ‘never’ prompt setting. Alternatively, if most of your credentials fall into the ‘never’ category, you can set the default URL match to ‘never’ in your options.

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That (the “never match” option) works for passwords; but, as far as I can tell, doesn’t work for Identities or Cards.

Go to settings ------> Options(under other, scroll down) -----> Scroll down and check :ballot_box_with_check: Don’t show cards on tab page and Don’t show identities on tab page.

I have moved the post from Feature Request to User-User Support. If you have any objection, please leave a reply.


This doesn’t actually address what I said. As I thought was clear from the initial post, I want the option to see some of the identities and some of the cards on the tabs page - not all or none.

So I do object to this being moved to user-to-user support. It is a feature request, regardless of whether it gets accepted or not.

Ok. Thanks for the reply. I have marked this as a feature request. Sorry for the inconvenience.