Add the ability to save a note to a file, and add a copy button like all other fields have. Espescially considering on the desktop client Ctrl+A/select all in the box selects content outside of it

When using the Firefox add-on, I just copy notes by using Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C. But I’ve started using the desktop client now on Linux, and I noticed this doesn’t work. Select all selects a bunch of other stuff in that entry as well - I suppose this could be considered a bug?

But I think a much better solution would be to add a copy box to notes section as well. Why isn’t it like this?

Even better would be being able to save, clicking it would open the OS’s save box. Letting you name and save it somewhere.

I think the saving especially makes sense - as that’s how it’s used in my experience, as storage for small text based files, like OpenVPN configs etc.

Also, why can we not copy without clicking on the item on the desktop client? Like with the browser add-on, you can copy a password in one click without opening an entire record? Why not on desktop?