Add support for ibus input method please

At present, almost all snap applications downloaded from the Snap Store do not support Chinese input using Ubuntu’s built-in ibus input method, and neither does Bitwarden. After my search, I found that snapd has supported the use of input method, but due to the negligence of the software maintainer, ibus input method is not supported for the released Snap software. I found the help of relevant staff in the snapcraft forum. In snap software, developer need to do the following work to support IBUS input in other languages. The details are as follows:
Currently, snapd is compatible with iBus input method (Fcitx support is in the code but is not working IMO), but requires:
The package maintainer asserts desktop-legacy interface in their snaps
The package maintainer uses the desktop-launch launcher from ubuntu/snapcrafters-desktop-helpers to launch their application:
I hope you can add this support for iBUS input methods in other languages as soon as possible. Users in relevant language regions will be very grateful.