Add support for additional family plan members beyond 5

I’m married with five children, so my family has seven people in it.

It’s really unreasonable that now that my fourth child is old enough for me to need to share passwords with her, my annual cost for Bitwarden is going to jump from $10 to $96.

Actually, to be more accurate, it’s not going to jump, because I’m not going to pay an extra $86 per year just to be able to share passwords with one more of my children. Instead, I’m going to kick my oldest daughter off of our family account and tell her to set up her own free account if she wants to keep using Bitwarden, so Bitwarden isn’t going to get another dollar of our money. No one wins if this happens.

Assuming that a “family” doesn’t have more than five people in it is kind of discriminatory, you know? Please do better.

I’ve edited the topic to be more in-line with your request. Please remember that we are here to collect civil feedback and work towards a better solution.


Likewise, I would like to be able to add more users beyond the 5 as our family grows - similar to how 1Password allows for additional members at $1

It looks like they’ve increased the family org limit from 5 to 6 users and raised the price to $40 per year. It’s still not reasonable for the price to go up from $40 per year to $252 when someone needs to go from 6 users to 7 in their family org.

The $40 family price is actually a decrease, down from either $56 or $52. And customer service reached out to those on that plan to offer a switch to the lower priced but same/more benefit plan.

While I sympathize with your issue of having a large family, you should check your tone. Most tech family plans I’ve seen (Apple, Google) limit to 5, probably to prevent fraud/abuse, so it’s not unreasonable for Bitwarden to have a similar cap.


The $40 family price is actually a decrease, down from either $56 or $52.

I don’t know what this means. The last time my family membership renewed, in January 2021, the renewal price (confirmed, the charge is right there on my credit card statement) was $12 per year. I don’t know how you get that $40 is a “decrease” when it’s $28 more than I paid in January.

The previous Family option was $12 for 1 Premium “base” user + 4 users 5 users without premium features, and you could add Premium to the other 4 up to all 5 org members for another $40. Totaling $52

The current plan is $40 but includes six users with premium features - saving $12 compared to the same plan/functions from before, and adding an additional user.

Hopefully, that clears things up a bit.

[Edit: @jik you were correct, the old pricing did not include premium for any user]

Actually, no, that doesn’t clear things up, because since December 2018 I’ve been paying $12 per year for my family org PLUS an additional $10 per year for premium features for myself. Was the “1 Premium ‘base’ user” added at some point after I signed up for my family org in January 2019, in which case why wasn’t I contacted about that, or when I signed up for the family org did I miss that I could stop paying for premium because it was included (in which case why didn’t the app, you know, tell me that I was continuing to pay for something that was included in my plan for free)?

There’s nothing here about 1 premium member being included in my family subscription:


I don’t think that was what Trey was saying. He was just showing how the current family plan is comparable to the previous plan IF everyone was a Premium user, that’s all. There is no current option to start a family plan as basic (free) users anymore.

It looks like you have been grandfathered into the old family plan for $12 a year using the basic (i.e., free) Bitwarden user subscriptions. You seem to be complaining a lot about this - do you realize that nobody else (not even current Bitwarden pricing) will ever be able to match this? I am really having trouble understanding all your outrage here…

How about you let Trey speak for himself, because I believe I understood accurately what he was saying, and resist the urge to lecture me about what it is or is not reasonable for me to care or speak up about? I think I’ve been clear about what my concern is, and it’s not what you seem to think it is.

@jik I corrected the post - you were right, so your plan was being billed correctly.

I think the point has been made here :slight_smile:

I’m going to close this topic but leave it visible in case others are looking for it. If we do adjust pricing plans, those changes will be published at, and via our release notes page.