Add report for "Password Age"

I like to change may passwords often. I feel it would be useful to have a “Password Age Report” in the Vault Health Reports for Premium Users.

Bitwarden already tracks the last time a password was updated so I would assume it wouldn’t be to difficult to create a report that show the service name and the password age in days.

This would make it much easier to recognize passwords that are very old and should be changed.

Out of interest, why do you change your passwords?

Companies I’ve worked for have always enforced a “90 day rule” regarding passwords used for business purposes. Having an age report would make it easier to identify passwords that need to be changed.

Also I feel that regularly changing my passwords is an extra security measure, if a password to a service I do not use often was compromised the attacker could have access to that service until I changed the password. By changing the password frequently I feel it limits the time an attacker could continue to access a compromised account.

These are just my thoughts, no facts.

This is similar to “Password expiration date” and a few other duplicate topics. However, those suggest a more persistent reminder rather than an on-demand report. A report tool seems pretty useful too!

Hello i would love to have an overview how old my passwords are as well. I have an app that i use since a long time and just logged in direclty trough their website the account settings informed me that my password was last changed 720 days ago. I was shocked and immediately changed it. This will help many people to update their passwords in a more regular basis and can help safeguarding against data breaches. Please implement this. Thanks