Add option to sync calendars via ICAL

This would be a great feature, doesnt need much storage allow for monetization and would be more secure than googles stuff

Could you please explain your use case? I don’t see why Bitwarden would fit into this?

Well bitwarden is not just a password manager, it saves all kinds of storage-light information in a user friendly way. I think encrypted contacts & calendar sync would be a great addition to secret notes.

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Protonmail are testing this at the moment. It is in beta testing and works quite well.

Rather than Bitwarden developing something like this it maybe better for those interested in having secure versions of these to use the Protonmail version. While it isn’t public yet gives a clue that it is close.

I suspect that there is some overlap between people who use Bitwarden and Protonmail.

I wish BW will continue to do one thing well instead of being a jack of all trades. The one thing being a secure place to store static sensitive data. I will use other services that have a better track record for other uses.


I’m completely in for this idea, syncing contacts and calendar would be perfect, i would gladly pay for this to migrate from google.

We are here talking about additional features, not looking for alternative/ As i said before I would gladly pay for this features IN bitwarden and not another service. BTW I am aware of protonmail, but they still fail to work properly in my country and can’t find a solid solution from their side for blocking (also there is a nextcloud with great features of integration for joplin as example etc.) But it doesn’t matter, coz it’s a bitwarden thread.

Sorry to hear about the blocking. However, what makes you think that Bitwarden could come up with something which avoids which Protonmail has not come up with?

nothing : ) but it works great now and main reason for blocking protonmail is private mail, so i think bitwarden will not be blocked for notes, contacts and calendar if any.