Add new type "Cryptographic Keys"

Feature name

There are currently 4 types, “Login”, “Card”, “Identity”, and “Secure Note”.

Could a new type be added for “Cryptographic Keys”?

Feature function

I’d like to see a dedicated menu in Bitwarden for cryptographic keys, and to be able to sync keys to and from my Bitwarden vault to my PC in the desktop application or command-line.

This will make it more convenient to retain or back up cryptographic keys such as SSH or GPG keys.

I already use Bitwarden to back these up via “Secure Notes” using file attachments, but I think it would be better if it were separated and had more specialized features or UI.

Types of notable keys could be:

  • SSH keys
  • GPG keys
  • Crypto wallet keys (Bitcoin/Dogecoin/etc)

A similar request already exists here:


Ahh, thanks for that.

Thanks again @Peter_H :slight_smile:

Closing this to allow votes to go towards the original thread.

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