Add new credentials and site automatically to vault on mobile

Hi there, on the Chrome extension new username and password field entries for a site get added automatically to my vault. How is this happening with the mobile app? It seems this functionality is absent or I am doing something wrong :wink:

This feature doesn’t exist on the mobile app. At least on iOS, password manager can’t (yet ?) even know you’re typing in a form.

Can we move this into feature requests then? I like the feature in the browser and even more on a tiny mobile screen.

This feature does already exist on Android but only works with some Apps. It doesn’t work with Chrome but that’s not Bitwardens fault. Chrome has to support the Android Autofill Api.

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And how does LastPass manage it if not through that API?

I guess they use the accessibility service. Bitwarden could use the accessibility service for that but speaking from experience it will always be a very “hacky” solution. It’s not very reliable, drains the battery and slows down the device.

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