Add MSP friendy context choices for browser extensions

We are implementing Bitwarden in a corporate setting, specifically as a Managed Services Provider. We are currently importing client specific passwords into Collections for each client, unless they are paying users and then as separate organizations.

Now that we are up to thousands of items (many of them duplicate URI’s between the clients) the browser plugins are becoming harder to use. Support recommended renaming the items with the client name in them, which would be a huge undertaking. We are aware of the all the search abilities, but Collection (and Folder for that matter) context or filtering would make the browser plugin so much more useful.

I could think of a couple ways of implementing this…

-Have an option in settings for the browser extension that allows the clicking of “My Vault->A Collection or A Folder” to filter results based on the current URI.
-Have a button that allows context to be chosen for the browser extension. So when browsing, results would be filtered to the chosen context only. Whether that is Personal, Organization, or more specific like Organization->Collection or Personal->Folder.

Good stuff, @chuck614, welcome!

@Jon_Maurer works closely with our MSP channel and we’re taking a look at all these sorts of features :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to it! We are now up to thousands of items across roughly 100 collections and it is making bitwarden SO slow… :frowning: