Add more pre-defined item types



Reading through here and seeing a lot of things that I like specifically the ability to have custom templates would be great, came from SafeInCloud and there are a few features that I really liked that have been lost:

Custom Templates, Able to remove stock templates, Custom icons, custom field types (expiry, dates, TOTP, etc)

It would be good if items instead of having hard coded fields at all were just a bunch of “custom fields”. Lets say I want to have an item with 4 TOTP fields?

A custom template for items would be able to be a collection of basically anything, additionally it should be possible to duplicate an item and also make a template from an existing item (where all the fields are blanked).

Thanks for the great work/software.


Hopefully with this features comes a bit of a UI improvement.

  1. Fields that are empty should not be displayed on items in read only mode
  2. label headers should be smaller and not appear as if they are their own fields
  3. new types of fields (dates, URLS, Etc.) (might be another feature request)

**see 1password for example.


The 4 existing types are not enough. Bitwarden badly needs more types, and an option to add custom types as well. The lack of this feature is really making Bitwarden Enterprise not as good as it should be for a paid application.


@kspearrin, allowing users to build their own templates might be very hard to implement from a development architecture stand point. I have instead tried to think of features that could make it appear like templates exist while building off of the existing design.

All of this would be built off the existing note item type:

  • hide all none utilized fields in the web vault when viewing like it does on the extension
  • allow for duplication of existing objects
  • allow someone to set the image icon for a secure note
  • allow new “type” field that could be added to or selected from existing which would be used to sort on the all items vault
  • add more types (I.E dates) to the custom item fields)

This would in effect create templates without having to create tens of new predefined fields and give a huge step over 1password and lasspass


What about a note that’s just json formatted and displayed in a specific way through the front end? You’d be able to share the json template without the data user to user without any limitations. The whole thing would then be encrypted in your vault.


yes please, customisable template based system.


I agree with all of the above. Coming from LP I was surprised there are no pre formatted templates for secure notes


This is a must have! :+1:


I hope we get this feature soon.