Add more pre-defined item types

In LastPass I can select the “Type” of secure notes.
Each Type has pre-defined data fields that I can fill (I do not have to add these fields manually).

So I can add for example:

  • custom note (just one huge edit field)
  • software licences
  • email accounts
  • bank accounts
  • servers
  • WIFI passwords
  • (many other types)

t would be fantastic when Bitwarden also has different types of secure notes.
So I can create a secure note of the type “Email Account” and have all required fields there.
But I also can add custom fields (if something is missing).

Here are some screen shots of LastPass.

Select the type of secure note:

Email Account:

Software License:

Bank Account:


Thanks @OLLI_S I dont have LP installed (or an account) any longer so couldnt nab screenshot.

I think this ties into this request: Add more pre-defined item types


I don’t use LastPass so I interpreted this request as adding Markdown support to Secure Notes

I want to use Bitwarden as an universal password manager, that not only manages my website logins but also my WLAN passwords (here I don’t have an URL where I could get the icon from).
So it would be very useful if you add an secure note type “WLAN” that has all custom fields for WLAN entries and also has a WLAN icon.


Here the screenshot how it looks in LastPass when I add a WLAN connection:

Would love to have this in Bitwarden.


Isn’t this a duplicate of Add more pre-defined item types
Or is it the other way around? :slight_smile: (I’m new here, so excuse me if so).

You’re correct - I’ve merged topics so we can keep it clear :slight_smile:


In Aug 19 I switched from 1Password to Bitwarden and all my special entries like licences, bank accounts or email accounts were gone. So I decided to ask here for this feature.
Because nothing happened with this feature I decided switching back to 1Password. Actually I imported all of my entries back into 1Password and now I’m able to use these types of information again.
I would love to switch back to Bitwarden but I need to have such custom types of information. :confused:


having too few item types clutters our ‘secure notes’.

May I know if there is any plan to work on more templates? It’s one of the most voted features but I still can’t see it on the 2020 roadmap.

We’re working on a lot of things :grin:

It’s a high priority item on our backlog but isn’t in planning stages just yet.


I miss also entrys for Debit Card and other entrys on Maestro. Hope the entrys from first Post coming soon.

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I just wanted to add my voice here (in addition to a vote). The lack of this feature is the main reason I don’t use Bitwarden much (and also haven’t subscribed yet). Not seeing this in the near term roadmap (more than two years since the initial proposal) is also quite disappointing. Sorry, I just had to vent this out.

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I went from Safe in Cloud to bitwarden (moved since its hosted on gdrive and it didnt have a dark mode).
you could make custom templates and so on. This is something i really need… and im starting to regret the move because of it. i still use it because of it. Hope this gets added soon or ill have to move on to something else…

Till then, you can use secure notes or a login item with custom fields as a temporary solution. Whenever you need to add a new item just clone the one you already created, its like using a template.

I’m using secure note, but thats just not cutting it… i like bitwarden and would love to use it by default, but in this stage i cant.

Even though it’s a very old post but such a disappointment to not have this basic yet very very important feature.

Edit: it would be much better to give this functionality to user, to create custom templates instead of having more predefined templates.

Well the team is pretty small but it has grown in large number over the years. So we should expect them to take time to develop new features. It may sound simple to us but a feature like this might require a lot of work. I also really want this feature.

I keep checking back to see if the feature has been implemented, alas no :frowning:

I have good hard cash ready to spend when you finally get around to adding this feature, till then 1password it is.