'Add Login' Notification doesn't appear anywhere

Hi everyone,

I’ve installed the Opera extension and the ‘Add login’ notification doesn’t appear. Can u help me? I have read that is a problem with every browser. There is a new update for this problem?


I believe the recommended method in Bitwarden is to Add a website by going into the extension on the site’s login and then adding a new item, which will prepopulated it with the URL. You then enter the user name and then generate the password, which Bitwarden will use to login.

Strangely it does not work here on this forum either. Have not checked some other website.
Maybe this popup is making it difficult to detect login.

Browser is Vivaldi latest version - Linux.
Same problem in Chrome.

It works on other websites (lightning fast). Just not here in this forum popup-login.
Not big deal just slightly bad promotion for Bitwarden self.