Add item to vault using CLI without needing to login to the vault

I think one feature that would be really really handy with the bitwarden CLI is the ability to add an item to a vault without the need to login using the CLI. This would have to be done using some kind of public key cryptography.

The way I’d imagine this would work, is the ability to add a public key to a folder, and using that public key, a script could send an encrypted file or encrypted password to a pending area.

Once the Bitwarden user logs in, the bitwarden client could fetch those pending encrypted messages and add those messages to the vault. (perhaps prompting the user "did you want to add these?)

This would be fantastic for SysAdmins and IT folks who need to add information to a vault in an automated fashion, but don’t want to login to their vault from a remote system.

For example: If I deploy a bunch of standalone systems, and need to set a password for each system, it would be awesome if I could have a script run on each system, that set the new password and added it to bitwarden without needing to enter my account details on those systems. Because currently, all the systems default to the same password, and I’m manually changing each password on each system before it’s deployed into the field. If a script could generate the passwords, and get added to the vault, that would save me a lot of time.

Would your use-case be covered by the ability to do off-line vault changes generally, which has been proposed in another Feature Request? If so, your implementation suggestions (and vote) can be transferred to that thread.