Add InputStick API to Apps (iOS/Android)

Using Bitwarden as my main password safe was the best decision ever. I love the design and I really appreciate the option to host the vault locally.

However, coming from Keepass, one famous plugin is “KP2A InputStick Plugin”. Using this plugin, the Keepass App allows to use InputStick, a Wireless USB Receiver, to send usernames/passwords to the InputStick’s connected PC. InputStick offers APIs for Android as well as for iOS:

Adding this as an option to the mobile apps would mean a HUGE benefit, as I’d be able to send passwords from my private mobile phone to e.g. my mobile PC, on which I don’t have access to my vault.

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I also concur with your point of view. I will not consider Bitwarden as a viable alternative to KP2A for this specific reason. I attached an Inputstick to all my devices. Unless a secure mechanism is found to pass my credentials from my phone to any device, I do not see any benefit from switching yet.

InputStick being a USB HID class device turned out to be a universal solution. I can use it with a corporate desktop, a datacenter server, a TV box, a console, a smartphone/tablet using a OTG cable. I am unaware of any software/hardware alternative.

Feature name

Integrate InputStick to type username, password, custom field, … via InputStick

The InputStick is a USB key that act as a mouse/keyboard on the connected computer. It’s connected via encrypted Bluetooth to a phone/tablet and allow send keystrokes from the phone to the computer.

Feature function

  • Add a menu or button to send any field to the InputStick and the connected computer
  • This will allow to type complex password on computer login screen
  • This will also allow use of passwords in a computer without installing Bitwarden client/extension or login in the web vault
  • This will allow to autotype password on application that don’t allow/support copy and paste (like Virtual machine screen or terminal on non GUI Linux)
  • This can also be used on peripheral that don’t support the installation of Bitwarden (e.g. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, XBox, SmartTV, …)
  • Implementation of this would allow the use of stronger password for the scenarios above

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InputStick support is really missing! :frowning: