Add hotkey support to open Bitwarden

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Hotkey to open Bitwarden

Feature function

It is currently possible to close Bitwarden, minimize, or lock the safe using hotkeys. However, I was not able to find how to open Bitwarden without going to my notification area on a taskbar and clicking on it with mouse. Is there a way to open Bitwarden instance, like I can do with KeePass, i.e. CTRL+ALT+K

I signed up to request this feature aswell. It helps when you need to fill out passwords and other fields in the OS

I’ve got some workaround to support this with Hammerspoon script (macOS): In the OSX app, global hotkey to search vault - #4 by maizy

Solved. You can even start it if it is not already running.

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Not applicable to my scenario. I run Bitwarden on a corporate machine, which is locked down. Bitwarden is allowed to run, but when I try to assign hot keys I get permissions denied. I can, however, run programs with my SU account which has access to things like registry…

It means, if this feature is natively added into Bitwarden, I will be able to assign these key combinations by running Bitwarden in elevated mode.

Unless you guys know how to assign hotkeys directly via registry?