Add Help for "Dummies"

The existing Help is great for people familiar with designing software. Please create a “Help for Dummies” system. This should be for people that need to use bitwarden but have no idea what all the technical stuff is in the current Help system.

Items such as the following in plain English (KISS):
What is bitwarden and why am I using it?
Why am I logging in?
Explanation on how to install it in web browsers.
How does login info get saved into the vault?
Oh, LOOK! My login and password were automagically entered when I try to login!

You could get people that only use apps to work with bitwarden. Use their questions and confusions to guide this development. (Way back in the dawn of PCs, I used [not politically correct] secretaries and told them to use my software. And, by the way, try and break it.

Just suggestions, no big deal.

Thanks David, we are currently updating and adding new content to that includes what you are describing, thanks for the feedback.