Add field for U2F authentication tokens for each saved site

I’ve started using U2F as a second factor to authenticate for various websites where I store the password for the site in Bitwarden. It would be useful if I could check a box in the site’s entry in Bitwarden to indicate that I’m using U2F for the site and to log which U2F tokens I’ve enrolled for the site, possibly one checkbox per U2F token identifier. Bitwarden wouldn’t have to be using U2F itself to authenticate me and Bitwarden wouldn’t need to have ever enrolled my U2F tokens for this to be useful.

The use case here is that if I lose one of my U2F tokens I would be able to quickly and easily log into Bitwarden and find out which sites I need to un-enroll the stolen token from.

I believe I could use a custom field (or three) in Bitwarden to make this work for myself but as U2F adoption increases I think others could benefit from it being a standard integrated feature of Bitwarden.

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I think this is a good idea, and additionally, a checkbox like “2nd factor in use” can be connected to Tools ( Premium) > Inactive 2FA Report > remove items where this checkbox is active. The report currently gives me 5 sites where 2nd factor is maybe inactive, but its active on all of them (totp with separate app or similar)

As a workaround, I am adding the word “2ndfactor” to any note beyond the entry to find all my 2nd factor logins quickly.

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Agree with this completely, a checkbox for “2FA in use” will prevent my SMS 2FA and other third party apps from showing results in the inactive 2FA reports, so this is much needed.

Every report is perfectly clean except that one and it drives my OCD a bit nuts :wink:

I think even a “2FA Active” box with a “Note” section next to it would allow users to enter what type of 2FA they have, e.g. SMS, U2F, multiple methods, etc. Instead of a check box for each type, but either way would work good here I think!

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