Add "class" attribute for Linked Custom fields


I have a login field whose DOM is as follows:

<input class="input _ngcontent-wop-16" focusableelement="" type="text" aria-invalid="false" aria-label="">

Right clicking and selecting “Bitwarden > Copy custom field name” returns “No unique identifier found.”.

It appears that the Linked Custom fields can only use the id, name, aria-label, or placeholder attributes.

Why not class? This would solve my issue and could be a good addition.


Classes don’t uniquely identify particular fields. That’s what the ID attribute is for. That looks like the developer of the website needs to follow best practice and give it a unique ID.


I agree that classes are not the best for this purpose, however, as a last-resort thing, if no other option is found to identify the field, this could be a functional workaround.

It runs the risk of creating false positives, where your password or other credentials are filled into various unrelated fields on the webpage. To prevent this, there would also have to be an opt-in option “Match to Class”, which would be possible but create UI clutter.

@jrmdev A more general solution would be this one

Which suggests allowing using DOM selectors to point to a specific input that has no ID. You may want to vote for that one.