Add an option to filter for entries with TOTP (2FA) active

I would like to have a filter to show all entries which include 2FA (TOTP). I tried to search for the field “Authenticator Key (TOTP)” but it didn’t find entries.

I tried the words “TOTP”, “Authenticator” or “otpauth”. None of them worked.
To have a filter I created a bolean custom field named “2FA” with an active value.


When searching for the word “2fa” all of these entries are shown. But it would be great to get such a filter by default.

Agreed. And here is another good use for tags. The creation of a TOTP key for a login could automatically trigger a TOTP tag on the entry, which would allow easy searches.


That could be an option. :wink:

Another very simple solution (to start with) would be to add the TOTP field to the full text search index. Most or all TOTP keys have the string “otpauth://” in their value.

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This would be a good idea… :wink:

Currently, I just add “TOTP” to the Notes field. Search works with this.

Since I had added without referring to the forums first, I had to manually go through all my entries and add the note as necessary. I would also like to share a bit of what I did. You will need both the browser plugin as well as the web vault open.

  1. On the browser plugin icon, I clicked on the pop-out button.
  2. In the pop-out window, I went to ‘My Vault’ (at the bottom) and then ‘Login’. Then I had to manually scroll through the list to look for the 2FA active icon.
  3. When I found one, I used web vault instead to search and edit the corresponding entry.

a. I did the locating of the entries in the pop-out window of the plugin. This is because when I looked at ‘All items’ on the web vault, the 2FA active icon didn’t show.
b. The reason for editing the actual entries via web vault is because, editing from within the pop-out takes you back to the top of the list after you save. When you have like 500+ entries, this can be quite annoying and time consuming.
c. You can replace TOTP with any keyword that you want. Just have to make sure it’s not used for something else.

Once done, I was able to just search with TOTP and all entries with 2FA will show as a single result.

Unfortunately though, searches using this workaround doesn’t work for Bitwarden Android :frowning:

In addition to a built-in filter for displaying entries having TOTP codes, it would be nice if this view automatically showed the TOTP values from the list view, so that all available codes would be visible without having to open an entry to access the code (kind of like how all codes in google authenticator are shown in the list view). Also showing a countdown clock/circle at the top would be convenient for easily seeing at a glance when the code is about to change.

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Hi Bitwarden,

i have around 300+ password. and have around 10 TOTP.

Please provide an option to sort out only TOTP items.

Every time I have to search the TOTP I need in separate account. If have an option that sort out TOTP, so i can skip the step.

thank you.

How are you using this? In a browser, you only see the entries associated with that site. When you use Bitwarden to fill user/pass, it automatically puts the TOTP code in the clipboard you can paste it as you login.

Can you give a step-by-step description of what you’re doing that requires “searching” at all?

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Came here to recommend this exact thing: a “view” that acts like a more traditional 2FA app.

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I’d second this! I’ve been using LastPass for the last 3/4+ years and am migrating to BitWarden. Having a tab that would show a list view of the 2FA codes from the login types would make the usage easier in place of trying to search.

LastPass has a “dedicated” app for 2FA keys and follows an ideal UI layout of 2FA list.

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Actually I’m with Enpass and here also there is a tab that shows entries with 2FA-codes only.

Maybe Bitwarden is implementing this, too. :slight_smile:

Nobody answered this question from @Ben86 above, and now I am curious to know also. What is the use case for displaying just the TOTP codes on a page?


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