Add an option to filter for entries with TOTP (2FA) active

I would like to have a filter to show all entries which include 2FA (TOTP). I tried to search for the field “Authenticator Key (TOTP)” but it didn’t find entries.

I tried the words “TOTP”, “Authenticator” or “otpauth”. None of them worked.
To have a filter I created a bolean custom field named “2FA” with an active value.


When searching for the word “2fa” all of these entries are shown. But it would be great to get such a filter by default.

Agreed. And here is another good use for tags. The creation of a TOTP key for a login could automatically trigger a TOTP tag on the entry, which would allow easy searches.


That could be an option. :wink:

Another very simple solution (to start with) would be to add the TOTP field to the full text search index. Most or all TOTP keys have the string “otpauth://” in their value.

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This would be a good idea… :wink: