Add ability with collection membership for 'share only' - give item

Feature name

  • Share-only/dropbox permission for user on collections

Feature function

  • Allow a user to have rights assigned to a collection such that they cannot see any of the items in the collection, but are allowed to add an item to that collection to share it with others.
  • Use case would be in organization where you want to share an item to another team, but still maintain control over it. Currently, you’d have to create a new collection crossing you and that other team. This feature would allow you to be able to see the other collection and have ability to add items to it, but would not allow you to see other items in that collection.

This could initially just be a more perm like you have now for ‘Hide Passwords’ and ‘Read Only’.

More advanced implementation might be to allow two different degrees of collection membership for an item. I think if you added an item to a collection and only had the ‘Share Only’ permission on that collection, others shouldn’t be able to delete the item or remove it from your collections.

Related possibility on this would be a variant of clone ‘Give Item’, combined with ‘Dropbox’ permission on a collection+user. That could give you the ability to ‘send a copy’.

super feature! totally agree
@tgreer help us!

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This should be achievable today using collections and permissions.

group 1 has read/write/view permissions to collection A, group 2 has passwords hidden and read only permission for collection A.

Hope that makes sense, it did in my head :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately no, that doesn’t cover it. Here’s the scenario: Group A (developers) needs to be able to share an item with Group B (security). They should ideally be able to just drop an item into Security’s folder to share it with them, but they can’t have access to see or read anything in Security’s folder.

I realize could set up a whole separate folder that was solely used for “Shares from A to B”, but that fails to scale when you have several groups, since group C (Other dev group) - also needs to share to security team, but Group C shouldn’t be able to do anything with Group A’s items.

Hence “dropbox” or “share-to only” permission.