Add ability to link one record to another

It would be handy if I could create one record and link it to another. Some examples of where this would be useful:

  • If I have a credit card with a bank, a web login for the credit card, and a web login for the bank, it would be convenient to be able to link the records together. E.g., make an “address” record of contact information for the bank, and link that record as the contact information for the other records. Or link from the “credit card” record to its “web login” record.
  • If I have an account where my login is via GitHub or FaceBook or OAUTH2 or OpenID, it would be convenient to be able to link to the web login in question. I use different kinds of 3rd party logins for different kinds of web sites and right now I have to remember which is which.
  • Perhaps it would be handy to have a field allowing a drop-down of 3rd party logins, and to be able to flag different web logins as a 3rd party login to be added to that drop down.
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