Add ability to link one record to another

It would be handy if I could create one record and link it to another. Some examples of where this would be useful:

  • If I have a credit card with a bank, a web login for the credit card, and a web login for the bank, it would be convenient to be able to link the records together. E.g., make an “address” record of contact information for the bank, and link that record as the contact information for the other records. Or link from the “credit card” record to its “web login” record.
  • If I have an account where my login is via GitHub or FaceBook or OAUTH2 or OpenID, it would be convenient to be able to link to the web login in question. I use different kinds of 3rd party logins for different kinds of web sites and right now I have to remember which is which.
  • Perhaps it would be handy to have a field allowing a drop-down of 3rd party logins, and to be able to flag different web logins as a 3rd party login to be added to that drop down.
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It would be useful for me to know which account (Facebook / Google .etc) I used to log into this site with.

It would be useful to link one record to another, and if the password/TOTP key is updated on, it updates on the other. This is because often I have to input usernames in different formats:

[email protected]

but they are all authenticated using the same backend. I currently have to maintain 3 records (with identical passwords) to be able to accommodate this, but if I change the password on one, I have to remember to update the password on the other two.

The alternative option would be to allow for multiple usernames in the same record, and allow us to select the username style when filling in the field (or even better, give us the ability to specify on a per-site basis which username to use)

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I don’t know if this is possible, but having an option to link a login to another login or multiple logins, that share the same username, email and/or password, would be extremely convenient for SSO (Single Sign On). Specifically, changing the password for one login would also change the password for all of the linked logins (same user account).

My company has dozens of web and Android apps that use SSO which means each user uses a single password to access all of them. Most logins use the individual’s username but some use their email address, instead.

When it comes time to change your password (every 30 days), login managers become inconvenient because you have to change the password for every one of your SSO logins. In BW, I know you can add multiple URL’s to each login but only the domain name is displayed in the GUI so you don’t know which launch button to touch. It’s much more convenient to have a separate login for each URL because you can give each one an easily recognizable name.

Maybe take it a step further and give the option to pick which field(s) you want to link so you are not limited to only the password field.

Is this possible as a future feature?

I also need this feature. I think I found the request with the most votes, so we should all vote there:

Ditto. Same issue here. We have SSO, that syncs the account to multiple systems. Multiple AD domains, OpenLDAP, Azure AD, etc. Some systems require your username, others your domain\username, and yet others use your UPN, [email protected].

I currently have 12 unique credentials in Bitwarden for a single actual account. So when I change the password, like I did today, I have to go update 12 different records in Bitwarden.

I’m sure this is rather common across larger complex enterprise organizations.

I couldn’t agree more !
This would be extremely usefull !

It would be amazing in linking logins with credit cards; to determine which cards are on which accounts, and maybe batch edit them

Relationship ‘links’ between items

  • Within BitWarden, it would be helpful if you could ‘link’ items together by forming relationships between them, whether they are for reference, or as a dependency.

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently? Adds the ability for items to be linked together (relationships formed between them) such as a dependency, or, just for reference.
  • What benefits will this feature bring? As a use-case, you may store a Login item in your BitWarden Vault for service that uses a third-party authentication platform (like Google or GitHub). That third-party platform has it’s own separate Login item, but is linked to our new Login item as a dependency. This prevents duplicating data (that can quickly go out of date), and provides the ability to locally keep track of how those logins are being used / what they provide access to.

Example Use Case

I would like to create a reCAPTCHA key for my website and have those details stored securely in my BitWarden Vault:

  1. I login with my Google Account, and create the reCAPTCHA site key/secret appropriately for my website.
  2. I create a Login Item (or Secure Note) in BitWarden to store the reCAPTCHA details using new Hidden fields. Note that the username/password fields are not being used in this case, because we authenticated using our existing Google Account, which has it’s own Item inside BitWarden.
  3. I’d like the ability to create a referential link between these two items in BitWarden. This way, on my reCAPTCHA item, I could link my Google Account as a dependency, so that I know which account it belongs to for future reference.
  4. Viewing either item will show the relationship between them, so that you can easily click and use/view/edit those items appropriately.