Add a quick settings tile which invokes auto-fill

Based on github issue #140:

Currently the android quick settings tile for Bitwarden merely opens the app. Many users prefer not having auto fill notifications appearing, and I dislike the idea of a persistent notification even more…my notification pane is already cluttered with a couple of persistent notifications that I wish I could get rid of.

A quick settings tile which invokes autofill would be ideal. Accessible when needed and completely out of the way at all other times.

In fact, one could argue that this would be a slightly safer mode, since there would not be a notification “advertising” the ability to autofill passwords…

I couldn’t agree more ! +1 for this feature.

Completely agree. This is the main thing that is keeping me from being quicker to leave LastPass

I’ve recently switched from LastPass (due to the price increase, lack of support, and increasingly buggy password filling), and this is easily thing I miss most - the quick settings tile is a much neater and quicker way to invoke autofill than waiting for a notification to be generated. As it stands, the quick settings tile isn’t that helpful - the most likely reason for tapping it is that you need a password for whatever app/site you’re currently using, not general access to the vault.

Same here. Missing this feature.

I like that Bitwarden be open source and I want to move to Bitwarden from LastPass.
The main reason to not move to Bitwarden is the Autofill button in Quick Access.
Autofill doesn’t work propoerly a lot of times (I usually have problems with Brave Browser) and a quick acess button (like LastPass) helps to deal with it.

Please, add this feature. I think it wouldn’t take a long time to develop (it’s a feature relatively easy to implement).

+1. I switched from LastPass today, but I definitely found its mobile app easier to use because of the tile. It’s not as pressing as some other issues, but it would be nice to improve the user experience

Sorry for the double post, but this seems to be now available in the Bitwarden Beta. Prima facie, seems to be working well. Thanks for the awesome feature!

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