Add a note to multiple item entires

Is there a way to add a common note to all for multiple items in a single operation?


@bill2032 - Welcome to the forum!

There is no easy way to do this “in a single operation”. Your two options are:

  1. Export your vault data as a .csv, then use Excel to quickly paste the note text into all desired items, and finally purge your vault and import the modified .csv. Drawbacks include precautions that have to be taken to ensure that the decrypted vault secrets don’t remain accessible on your harddrive after the .csv has been exported, the fact that .csv exports and imports have the potential to lose a lot of data.

  2. Write a script to automate this task using the CLI.

Yeah I had to do this too and I scripted it. I’ve removed my actual text and put examples in.

"#This imports the subprocess module in to python. This is required to be able to run the Bitwarden CLI command in the loop
import subprocess

#Array of all records
records = [“record1”, “record2”, “record3”]
#What note to add
text = “Note here”

for record in records:[“bw”, “edit”, “item”, record, “–note”, text])"