Add a newsletter!

An email newsletter would be great. For example notifying users of new blog posts.

I know there is the medium follow feature, but it is not practical and many people don’t have a medium account. A simple email newsletter would be great.

Honestly, I was thinking about creating a Telegram channel with IFTTT integration, as it is an official service integrated to that platform now. But having too many communities is just a pain to keep all of them updated.

Instead, if you want something urgent and as a workaround, I’d suggest you to use Feedly with the RSS integration, if possible. If it’s not possible yet, probably Kyle can take care of that.
I can’t tell as I didn’t try it myself yet. But give it a shot and tell us if it works.
It could be listed on the help documentation as well.

I’m not quite sure if Feedly also works with GitHub as well. Maybe it’s a good start to stick together with the changelogs.

Thanks! Using the medium rss fees and ifttt actually also makes it possible:

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