Add a "Hidden Multi-line" custom field / "Hidden" option for Notes field

My specific use case here is the ability to store 2FA recovery codes. When we generate recovery codes for accounts, we generally get multiple one-use 2FA recovery codes. Today I have to save these elsewhere because the only multi-line field in BitWarden is the notes field which cannot be setup to “hide” the text by default. It’s just that 2FA recovery codes are short and having them “hidden” keeps them away from someone looking over you shoulder (if that happens).

Essentially, it would be nice to have the ability to add a hidden multi-line custom field or have the notes field set up as a hidden field.

Currently I am facing the same problem.
It would be nice if implemented.

That would be very valuable addition as I found such feature attractive exactly for 2FA backup codes.

I’d also like to have this to store plaintext files like ssh-keys etc.

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I’d love for this to be relooked at.

Whether we set Notes to be, by default, minimized, or shown as privacy characters. Anything to not show sensitive information like 2FA keys on screen by default would be so useful.

Would this function achieve the goal?