Act as a SAML identity provider (Bitwarden as IdP)

Allow a Bitwarden organization to act as a SAML IDP authority for SSO.

GitHub issue: Act as a SAML identity provider (Bitwarden as IdP)

It’s strange to me that there are so few votes for this feature. Perhaps this is because this thread is difficult to find when searching for “Bitwarden as IdP”.

Our organization uses Google Workspace and Bitwarden. Employees store all their passwords, including Google password, in Bitwarden. Why not use Bitwarden as an identity provider for Google Workspace instead of password autofill?

More broadly, Bitwarden becomes a single secrets manager for many users. Why force them to create passwords and store them in Bitwarden when you can use single sign-on instead?

I modified the thread title to add “(Bitwarden as IdP)”. I hope this helps.

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