Account Switching (browser support WIP)

Linking two accounts and allowing to access all your secrets this way is fine if one only uses one Bitwarden service or server. But in some cases it’s required to access to fully distinct installations of Bitwarden (i.e. private + business, or “customer 1” and “customer 2”).

So enabling the Bitwarden clients to handle this kind as some sort of “Profile switching” or “identities” is key to allow such use cases.

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First you should be able to login and switch between multiple accounts. If you work with multiple companies that use Bitwarden, you should be able to use three Bitwarden accounts without having to carry three different phones!

Linking accounts so that one account give you access to another is convenient, and if you are going to store you company password in you personal password store, then there is no difference in security whether you have to use that password manually or ‘one-click’ or automatically. But that’s down the road feature if you don’t have multiple account support in the first place.

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It’s on the roadmap :slight_smile:


I would be able to signin as multiple accounts in the App, as I have both Personal & Business Account

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How is this feature named in the roadmap? Could not find any. Or was it implemented already?

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Its called Client Profiles on the roadmap



Certain Google mobile apps like G-mail and Drive allow users to quickly switch between accounts just by swiping down on their profile pic or the letter icon. I find this feature really handy. Its really convenient to use. Maybe BW can implement something like this?

I can agree with most of the posts before mine.
I’d like to switch within the between my personal (not linked to a corporate) account and my corporate account. I love to use Bitwarden in any way on my computer and mobile and fucked up to need another password manager where I can store my personal stuff. Please change that!

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I also have the need to switch between multiple accounts in Bitwarden for Android & IOS. I have multiple accounts (Personal, Work, etc)


Considering the planned changes in Lastpass, came here to add support for this feature.
(I know it’s on the roadmap. Just adding support in case it helps.)


Is this in the roadmap?

I’m also waiting to switch from lastpass as soon as this feature is supported.

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Yes this is one the roadmap

The link with the example for LastPass is not valid any more.

Same thing in 1Password

This is the only thing holding me back from moving my personal password manager to BitWarden, as my company already uses it.

I saw mention earlier in the discussion that this was on the roadmap, but I don’t see it listed. Did it drop off the roadmap for the next several months?

If so, please consider just publishing a second variant of the app. It’s not an ideal solution, but it’s one that should be relatively trivial to implement (others have suggested the ‘Beta’ variation). For desktop browsers, it was trivially easy to build an alternate plugin with a different name/menu item to do a second login. Obviously profile switching would be best, but second instance of plugin/extension would certainly be a workaround for now.

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It’s on there as “client profiles” :sunglasses:


I need this feature too, can’t wait for the release.



This feature could be nice. An another use case, when we work with multiple partners/customers. In some case we need to manage multiple bitwarden accounts provided by them.
Manage with desktop/browser/… profile is in some case overload.


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I use Bitwarden on my Android phone. I’m logged in under my personal account, and use my fingerprint to unlock the vault. It’s great and I love it.

My and my co-worker are thinking of moving from Keepass+Onedrive to Bitwarden at work. I want to push for Bitwarden. However, it seems that if I do this, it would complicate my own personal usage. In order to access work passwords, I would need to:

  1. Log out from personal account
  2. Type work email address and password
  3. Log back in, and likely face the 2FA music again
    …and vice versa and repeat.

This is, in simple terms, just unacceptable. So I’m discouraged from using Bitwarden at work. I can’t imagine I’m the only person with this problem.

There’s two solutions I see :

  1. Bitwarden’s client app should be updated with multiple account support, and easy switching between accounts (just enter fingerprint/password). I imagine this is not happening anytime soon since the feature request from 2018 hasn’t been answered.

  2. (Easiest) Bitwarden can provide a separate installer with a different app signature, call it Bitwarden Beta, like how Firefox for Android has both standard and beta apps. I would then have two separate Bitwarden apps on my phone, each with their own data and account. I imagine 99% of people just work for a single company and this is good enough for them, so if you can help the 99% today, please just do it ASAP and don’t let the 1% ruin nice things for the rest of us.
    Help me help you, Bitwarden dev.

I think there is a 3rd approach, which sucks: dedicate the Android app for my personal use, and use the web browser for my work vault. I’d lose the fingerprint convenience of the app, I’d need to enter my password every time (staying logged in is a security concern).

Prior title (Mod Edit):

Bitwarden discourages recommending it at work, by not supporting multiple accounts. Please release a separate client installer at least

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