Accessing Bitwarden locally - "Cannot read properties of null"

Hello !
I installed Bitwarden , following this guide: How to Install BitWarden on Your Synology NAS – Marius Hosting
External and internal access via subdomain and reverse-proxy works fine, using the setup with port 443 forwarded. (Docker Portmapping 9890:8080)
Now I want to completely stop all port forwards on my router and use only router based VPN (Wireguard/Fritzbox) for external access.
My Synology has the local name “my-nas” and the Port defined for BW docker is 9890. When I try to access BW locally with my-nas:9890, I get the login screen. After entering the credentials, I get an error message: “Cannot read properties of null (reading `importKey’)”.
Then, I changed the BW_Domain entry in the portainer script from to local hostname (“my-nas”).
→ Same error.

What can I do to make this instance locally accessible ?

Hi @didl, welcome to community! :wave:

We do not have an official guide on Synology due to the myriad of issues we have seen with implementation and typically recommend migrating to some other infra.

Perhaps reviewing previous community posts such as this may help - if not, hopefully a member of community has seen this issue and can assist!

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