Accessibility settings

I have enabled the accessibility mode on mobile app, bit nothing happens when I tap the icon that appears in bottom right off phone.
What is supposed to happen when taking this?
I assumed it would popup bw for autofill or saving passwords.

Is this for Android or iOS? Have you already read the applicable Help Center article?

Hey @Russ_Michaels,

This could be a related similar issue to what you are experiencing.
I believe it is a specific thing with Android,

yes I am aware what a password manager is and how they work thanks, I have been using them for last 20 years.
yes I have the autofill service enabled.
I am specifically asking about the accessibility option as it does nothing when enabled, as mentioned above.
When you enabl,e this, it puts a small accessibility icon in the bottom right of your phone.

Did you also toggle Use Bitwarden from Off → On, and enable Draw-over? Did you turn off battery optimization for the Bitwarden app, and lock the Bitwarden app?

yes display over other apps is enabled
yes the toggle is enabled (on)
yes battery saver is disabled for bitwarden
BW has been locked and unlocked many times since

when the accessibility settings are open, tapping on the aforementioned icon just toggles it on/off. So I have to assume this is all it does the rest of the time as well.So not really sure what the point of this is.
It doesn;t help with auto-fill or prompt or pop-up anyhting.

Hi @Russ_Michaels did you happen to see my comment?
There is also another user here is just recently posted a similar issue with the solution to remove it here.

As far as what it does, you are correct there is not much functions serves to my knowledge. I believe it is simply an accessibility option that is new to Android but is not being utilized by Bitwarden with the pop-up.
Hope that helps.