Access to collection in Free Orgaisation

I have a premium account and my wife has a free account. I have created a free organisation and added my wife as an owner.

If she logs into the web vault she can access the collection within our free orgainsation. However, using the firefox extension she cannot see the collection. I can see the collection in both web vault and via the firefox extension.

Please can you let me know what we need to do to allow my wife access to the collection within the organisation when logged into the firefox extension?

Many thanks

I’ve just looked at the settings in the free organisation & noticed that I hadn’t selected the correct option in access control. Now selected the correct option and my wife can see the collection within the organisation.Happy days

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Hell @andrew19 - welcome!

That’s a bit strange that your wife can access the collection through the web vault interface, but not the browser extension.

I would suggest that you login to the web vault and check that she has access to all items: Manage → People and click on your wife’s profile; the setting is at the bottom.

Thanks for the welcome, have had a look at access control and selected the correct option , she can now see the collection via browser extension. Thanks for your reply.

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