Access Password Generator History on Add record to Vault

Feature name

  • Access Password Generator History

Feature function

  • Allow you to look up the generator History as you add a record to the Valt

When manually adding a record to the vault, the URL is picked up from the tab on the browsers, I usually then add the username to the clipboard and then realise that I had the password in the Clipboard. So have to Save the vault record and then of an try and guess which password I in the history to fill in the form, especially if the form has weird complication options. … Could the password Box on the Add record form have a “Lookup” of Generator Password history (unmasked) so you can pick from a list.

This happens somewhat frequently for me too. Go to create a new account on a new site and Bitwarden doesn’t detect the login fields so I manually open the Password Generator, create a password, copy it, and paste into the account creation on the site. After logging in the first time I then go to manually create the Bitwarden Login to store the account credentials and then I have to go searching through the Password Generator History to find the one I used so that I can save it to the Login.

Being able to access the Password Generator History directly from the “Add Item” screen would make this process significantly easier.