Hello. I dont accèss my vault. Broser: Safari Os: macOS

Than you for help

I confirm this behaviour - I cannot sync or login to Bitwarden extension 1.44.2 on Safari 13.1.1 on Mojave 10.14.6.

I recently updated Safari, so I wonder if the root of the problem lies there?

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have the same trouble - I first noticed it this morning in Mac Safari. Firefox and the desktop app work fine.

I posted the issue as a bug to the BW Github

We’re on the case - I’ll be posting updates to

Can you try once more?

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Thank you for fixing this so quickly. Awesome!

Fixed! Thank You!

I get the same error. I’m using macOS 10.13.6, Safari 13.1.2 and the Bitwarden extension 1.48.1.

Can anybody help me, with this problem?

Thanks and best regards - Daniel