Accept Bitcoins

Please accept Bitcoins for Premium memberships

Why do you want to use Bitcoin for Bitwarden?
If you are so concerned about confidentiality, maybe Bitwaden is not the best choice for you?

Maybe it’s not about confidentiality but about not supporting a fully centralized system such as the banking one :wink:

Bitcoin is the currency of the internet. I would like to be able to pay in Bitcoin for premium Bitwarden.

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Are you sure you want to pay a 30-50% tee for a transaction?

Premium Status: $10 = 0.0017 BTC
Bitcoin Transaction Tee: 0,0005-0,001 BTC

Plus, Bitwarden will also have to pay a large tee for the withdrawal Bitcoins to fiat

BitCoin is a freakin’ joke.

More like 0.1% to 0.2%. Keep in mind, the fees of past blocks do not indicate how much fees are required to get into the next block. If there are 0 transactions waiting to get in the next block, I can send a transaction with the lowest possible fee and get in without problem. Most wallet apps estimate these fees properly.

Some apps (developed by certain people who want to show BTC as expensive) don’t bother trying to estimate and just slap the highest fee they can.

Bitcoin fees are at 0.00000001 BTC/byte-transaction-size, and the average transaction is around 162 - 300 bytes…

$6494 x 0.00000162 = $0.01 fee
$6494 x 0.00000300 = $0.02 fee

Even if you pay 10x that because your wallet app is dumb or something… 1%

$5 fee would mean your wallet app is paying 500x more than it should… you should probably look into getting another wallet app to use… lol

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Recently I tipped a video creator on youtube 1 eur worth of btc. Fee was, at that time, 3 cents. I don’t know about you, but this amount of fee is not that much.

BTC and BCH now accepted.