About to dump BitWarden - Too frustrating to use!

So, I tried. For nearly a year. I’ve migrated from LastPass AND eWallet and I may begrudgingly have to go back to LastPass because BitWarden is too big of a pain in the … And for no good reason.

The biggest frustrations:

  1. Searches. It uses “OR” instead of “AND”. Who does this? Answer: No one. Because it makes no sense. No, I cannot teach all the potential non computer-saavy people to do structured queries like >+whatever +whatever when they’re used to common sense. Why is this a problem? Because if you have 100+ passwords you want to quickly search for things like “XYZ Email” and get results that say “XYZ email”. Not every listing that contains the word “XYZ” OR the word “Email”. “Email” being an OR will list 100+ records.

  2. Why can’t you clone a record that’s part of a collection? This is stupid and you can do this no problem on LastPass and eWallet. Why is this a problem? Because when creating, say, a new user they have multiple places they need to be set up. So it’s easier to clone and make only 1 change instead of creating 10 whole new records and having to manually copy/paste records between them.

Google does this. And like Google, the Lunr search engine (used in Bitwarden) prioritizes search results that contain both search terms. So just like in Google, you will see items that contain both search terms at the top of the list, followed by items that contain only one of the two search terms.

I was referring to other password managers - particularly the ones I listed.

Google does work smarter to interpret what people are trying to search for. It’s a lot more complex than what you’re making it out to be.

+word +word is ridiculous to expect end-users to use.