About special folder

I am not sure I can explain well because it’s not my first language. but i’ll try
for my and our security, I sometime delete ID on any website or information.
but also I re-register ID on my need. but you know, I hope I wanna know I registered before or not and if I registered certain website, I wanna know the ID which I used on the website.

so, when I deactivate or delete ID on certain website, I want to move ID information on Bitwarden into kind of folder locked or I can’t search automatically about. because if I enter the website that I no longer use and delete ID on, the Bitwarden extension could find ID information in other folder that I don’t wanna see.

oh. or the folders I can’t search and can’t be searched automatically on extension could work.
anyway really thank for the founders and workers. it’s really cheap but powerful.
thank you for keeping our precious information secure.