Ability to set different usernames for different websites using the same password


There is a typical use case where you have the same password for different sites, but the username for the login is not the same one. The reason for that is because the authentication service for different sites is an integration with a idP (for example something like an LDAP) and it uses in one site the email of the user and in the other the username. For example, imagine the user James Smith with an user id jsmith and an email [email protected], and the password in LDAP is 123

then there are 2 websites:

It would be great to have a way to say in some way the username for each of the URLs we add for the autofill, or a way to link to reuse the password for another entry. I know it is not a good practise to reuse password for different domains, but it is not really that it is a different domain, it is just that it is relaying in an identity provider which uses the email of just the user id.



In general the reuse of a password is horrible OPSec, which you seem to know from your post. If for some reason you want to do it anyway you could accomplish what you need by creating a different login for each website. Then you would copy/paste the common password into the login file in your BW vault. So, you enter XYZ website and BW brings up the login with the unique username and the duplicated password. If you then go to another website that unique login would pop up in BW and you would login easily. While I hate the idea of even one duplicate password I know that you are NOT alone in your usage application. I hope the creation of different logins solves your issues.

I like the idea. However, there are a few topics already.
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