Ability to change passwords and import vaults from client apps, not just the web vault

Feature name

  • Ability to change your master password, and import vaults from within client-sided apps, not just the web vault.

Feature function

  • This feature will merely implement the aforementioned features from the web vault into the client apps.
  • This feature will allow users to use only the client-side apps, and avoid the web vault which has an inherently higher attack surface. Using the web vault relies on the server not being compromised, and serving malicious JavaScript. When using the client apps, this attack vector is not there, and there is greater security.

I am aware that the web vault has a good use for enterprise, as well as other benefits. However, people should have the option of avoiding it entirely if they want to, and that is not possible with Bitwarden at this time. This suggestion would be a fair compromise; keep the web vault, and all its features intact, and provide the ability to not use it entirely if you choose.

Agreed. It would be very helpful to allow all changes from app vault without having to use web vault.