A suggestion for the Password protection mechanism

Hi, there is a suggestion for the protection mechanism. Now we need to use Bitwarden after input the main pwd successfully, then we can check the pwd library or autofill a username and pwd. But i think this is not easy to use.

I suggest Bitwarden can change the mechanism:

  1. user can use autofill all the time, no need to unlock Bitwarden, but user cannot see the pwd library.
  2. user will see the pwd library after input their main pwd.

And also hope Bitwarden will remind user to add the item when they login an app or web on IOS phone.

No one care about these improvement ?

  1. This cannot be done, but more importantly:

  2. How can you think this provides better protection? If I understood you right, I can simply sit on your computer - open facebook and Bitwarden will autofill everything for me. So now, I can login to your fb or whatever account without knowing you master password

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