A Series of 4-Password Mgr. Articles that Led Me to Trialing and Buying Bitwarden!

A recent 4-Part series of articles about password managers in the: “Ask Woody - Tame Your Tech” Newsletter (Issue 21.12.F • 2024-03-18) singled out Bitwarden as being in the top 3 (out of 19) password managers, based on being highly ranked by 12 “respected labs”.

This 12-lab down-selection that placed Bitwarden amongst the top 3 managers, promoted my attention to-&-the trialing of Bitwarden, which led to my subsequent purchase and my wife and I becoming premium users.

The “Ask Woody” newsletter has 2-versions - free and paid. The paid one (to which I subscribe) provided the 4-part password manager series.

Because Bitwarden had such a high ranking among the tech testing labs and industry publications, :clap: I thought I would highlight that fact in the forum and with additional specificity, reference below, the titles of the 4-part series:

Part 1 revealed that 12 respected test labs** have bestowed high rankings — labels such as “recommended,” “editor’s choice,” etc. — on a total of 19 different password managers.

Part 2 reported that only five of those apps are recommended by at least half of the 12 test labs. In descending order of the number of honors, those five password managers are Bitwarden, Dashlane, 1Password, Keeper, and NordPass.

Part 3 narrowed our consideration down to two programs.** Only two password managers in our short list of five are (A) widely recommended and (B) have free versions as well as paid versions. Those two apps are Bitwarden and Dashlane. (The paid versions of these two programs offer additional features, of course, as I describe below.)

In today’s column (edit: Part 4), I’ll continue to use Bitwarden and Dashlane as examples of the kinds of decisions you face if you’re selecting a password manager for your household or company.