A proposal for blocking users from russian IPs


I would like to inquire whether Bitwarden still provides services to users located in Russia.

Is it possible to take a stand with a free world and block all users located in russia from using your services?

Alternatively, is it possible to use your contacts and, additionally, coordinate with the other providers so that you all block users from Russia? I am sure the rest of the free world would thank you.

Please be on the good side, support the fight for freedom, in which Ukrainians are loosing their lives right now. Russia being a terrorist state, occupying several countries and waging a total war against freedom and democracy…

Many services and companies has already blocked russian IPs’ access to their services. So it can be done.

Thank you for your response.

To other bitwarden users: please share this message :pray: please help Ukraine any way we can. :ukraine:


Casting such a broad net would be antithetical to freedom. As we’ve seen from the demonstrations in Moscow, Russian citizens are not a unified block of people who support the invasion of Ukraine - on the contrary.

A lot of innocent people - people who support Ukraine - would be swept up in a block like this. That wouldn’t be right.


Other services blocking access to Russia presents relatively little harm to individual Russians, and larger harm to the Russian economy.

Were Bitwarden to do this, it would do the opposite. Bitwarden is free for most users, and still a very small expense for business. Having to migrate to a Russian-based equivalent would not cost that much- or not at all if they already have a local Bitwarden instance.
The users however, would be affected significantly. You would be hurting the individual Russians who use Bitwarden, instead of hurting the economy and actually helping Ukraine.
This proposal would do a lot of harm, and do literally nothing good for anyone.


I would say it is a rather soft view. The message from the world community should be loud and clear. I hope bitwarden devs will discuss this proposal.

When the war ends, when the danger subsides, then, maybe, lift the restriction. I am not talking about deleting accounts, but about them being not accessible from russian territory.

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Losing access may as well be the same as deleting them. This conflict may be only weeks, it may be months or years. If people can’t access their bank accounts or emails, that’s a serious detriment to individuals, and the effect on the Russian economy will be nil, completely unnoticed.

I see what you mean. Many companies are already doing it full-blanket nevertheless. “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.” But we will see what solution the devs come up with.

I don’t understand why russian citizen, who protest against the war and get arrested, should be blocked from bitwarden?


I am talking about ALL russian IP addresses. Geo blocking, not some individuals. Block the terrorist state alltogether.


Developers should not interfere with politics. This make no sense at all to penalize good people of russian citizen for the bad decision of only one. This is no better than war

Only one man? Are you serious? Putin personally sits in every plane, every tank, shells cities with artillery personally?

You can also see a similar proposal and justification here, for example 🇺🇦 Ukrainian people are dying. Close Figma in russia - Share an idea - Figma Community Forum

I’m from Russia and I don’t support anything Putin decided to do right now. Why should I suffer from a bad decision some lunatic makes?


Man, this is a little over-the-top proposal. I mean I’m all for supporting Ukraine. I’m ready to jump on a bandwagon of hating any and every warmonger.

But think for a second.
Bitwarden not working in Russia won’t be of any concern to Mr. Putin or his associates. It is a password manager. Most people in the world still don’t even use a password manager. Even in a developed country like the USA, 80% of people don’t use a password manager. Does that 80% people create any difficulty for the USA’s government? Or does that hurt the USA’s economy? It does nothing.

My guess would be in Russia that number will be lower than 20%. So Bitwarden blocking access to their service to those <20% population, how would that help Ukraine? How would that make Mr. Putin or any of the policymakers rethink their war decision? It won’t.

Instead, that little percentage of people (Don’t forget, some of these people also DO NOT SUPPORT WAR), who use the service of Biwarden (or other password managers) will be prone to malicious activities around the internet.


I fully support geo-blocking russian IPs from Bitwarden.

Additionally I ask the Bitwarden developers to consider removing their app from the Apple and Google appstores. It’s not like they have a method to pay anyway.

To address some comments above-- yes this targets Russian citizens who may disagree with the invasion. We need to upset those people too, disrupt their quality of life any way possible (short of depriving them of food/shelter/etc) so they feel their Presidents’ actions directly impacting their lives on every possible level, so they protest the invasion. They’re bombing maternity hospitals, killing pregnant women, people. This isn’t a random pedantic internet discussion about which Linux distro you prefer.

We want every Russian citizen to be unhappy. That’s the point.

Holy crap can we please close this insane proposal? Punishing the Russian people by locking them out of their accounts that they may rely on to, I dunno, access content ouside of Russia is absurd and will only lead to further disconnection from reality.

Yes, I think this thread has has seen enough viewpoints now. Best to end it here. :+1: