A Manager automatically becomes Manager on all collections he has access to

The fact that the user “type” Manager is associated directly with the user account, results in the fact that this user becomes Manager on all collections he will be granted access to (by other managers, the admin, …) and not just to that single collection that was created to hold the credentials useful for the users who belong to his team.

Every new collection that is created, and where this user is granted access, he becomes automatically Manager as well.

The Manager role should be configurable on the collection level, like the read-only option, and not on the user level.

I agree with this issue, and I would even consider it a bug rather than a feature request.
I would like to be able to add a manager to certain collections (and groups) as to allow them to manage the content of the collection (and what users to be added to certain groups).

But a user can be a manager in one group (e.g. “marketing”) but a regular user in another group (e.g. “employees”).

I was wondering the same. Are there any plans to fix this?

We’re working on some permissions revamps at the moment. Manager roles, in particular, have not been changed - but the topic in general is on our radar :+1:

Also, keep in mind we do have custom roles that may help some configuration needs: User Types and Access Control | Bitwarden Help & Support

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any news on this matter? custom roles don’t help because there is only the option to enable manage, create and delete but still mapped to the user and all his collections.
the usecase is a pretty standard one with the example already given by @JurgenG

Thanks for following up, the team is working on improvements to collections management and we will share information as it becomes available.