503 Service Unavailable after update to 1.41.3

Possible bug after update:

BW running in Alpine VM in TRUENas HV behind HA Proxy.
HA proxy reporting BW as DOWN after running nightly update.

SSH into VM and BW is running normally. Restart BW or VM doesn’t not solve the issue.

Renewcert command for BW script made HA Proxy report backend as UP, but web access to vault or sync over browser extensions and app still not functional.

Docker PS status reports bitwarden_SSO stuck on STARTING.

I rolled back to a snapshot of the VM before the update. Everything resettled. At this point Docker PS status reports all containers as Healthy, SSO not stuck on Starting.

SSO stuck on STARTING might be the underlying issue, given no other visible difference at the moment. If anyone has experienced the issue today or has input to offer, please feel free to reply.

After much headaches, I got it working in 1.41.4 and web .21.0

My underlying alpine versione was hard-locked to repositories of version 3.14 and that probably left docker and other dep too obsolete to work with bitwarden.

Works like a charm now!