3 Small Improvementes to Searching the Web Vault

This is a simple one

When searching in the web vault:

  • make the hitbox for the “image” icon larger (it’s way too small)

  • slightly darken the image hitbox when hovered

  • and change the colour of the “image” to a solid colour image #175ddc instead of a gradient colour to better match the Bitwarden design

Recording 2023-03-13 185618

Just gonna tag @dflinn on this to possibly pass on the UI/UX improvements to the team.

Might be small thing, could take some time to change, or possibly not at all @FaviFake I haven’t really noticed myself, but always good to hear from other users for changes and recommendations to improve. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like that the team is always looking to make the product better.


Thanks @cksapp and @FaviFake. I’ve add this feedback to the backlog of our UI component team.

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