3 pre sales questions

  1. can the $10 plan use a Google Titan FIDO key?
  2. is there a feature to check when logins were last used, and allow deleting old/unused ones?
  3. does Bitwarden check logins against known breaches and notify me?
  1. The Google Titan key is not compatible with modern FIDO2/WebAuthn standards, which is what Bitwarden uses for hardware-based 2FA. Existing customers who already had FIDO U2F keys registered prior to the switch to FIDO2 WebAuthn are apparently grandfathered, but new keys must be FIDO2/WebAuthn Certified.

  2. No, Bitwarden does not record when you last used or viewed a login item. It does record the creation date and last revision dates (as well as revision dates for the 5 most recent password changes), but there is no automated function to filter by revision date. The command-line interface provides the ability to use scripting to find the items that have the oldest revisions dates, but there is no built-in function for this in the GUI.

  3. Not automatically, but with a premium subscription you can run an Exposed Passwords Report or a Data Breach Report at any time.